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Serious Personal Injury

Injuries that are considered serious personal injuries, due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who experience them, include the following: brain injury, spinal cord injury, accidental amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures, or other, neurological disorders.

Your Dedicated Philadelphia Brain Injury Lawyers

With over 100 years of combined experience, the brain injury lawyers from the Perlberger Law Associates, P.C., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have extensive experience representing clients suffering from serious brain injuries. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks counties. In addition, our attorneys practice in New Jersey, Florida, the District of Columbia, and before several federal courts.

The following is intended to provide you with a general overview of the law in this area. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation with a skilled Philadelphia personal injury attorney.

The Devastating Consequences of Serious Injuries

A serious personal injury is an injury that changes a victim's lifestyle temporarily or permanently and has a profound effect on the lives of those around him. Victims of serious personal injuries may be dealing with severe physical and emotional challenges following the injury, and face tough financial challenges while trying to meet skyrocketing treatment expenses. Serious personal injuries may result from a car accident, plane crash, boating accident, train accident, construction accident, on-the-job injury, defective product, slip-and-fall accident, nursing home abuse, or other cause.

Deciding Who You Should Sue in a Serious Injury Lawsuit

When a serious personal injury occurs, families are left wondering what went wrong and who is accountable. In cases of car, truck or motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, on-the-job injuries, defective product accidents, nursing home abuse, medical mistakes, fall downs, or environmental contamination, determining who is responsible can be extremely challenging, time consuming and beyond the capability of the injured party.

A variety of resources, specialized experts, and knowledge of state and Federal laws may be necessary to obtain evidence and pinpoint what went wrong. While in some cases, the responsible party may be obvious, and witnesses or other hard evidence can create a "slam-dunk" case, in the majority of severe injury cases, each move is crucial and impeccable documentation and organization is required.

The Panoply and Grim Bookkeeping of Serious Injuries

Serious personal injuries can take many forms. The most notable and types are traumatic brain injury , spinal cord injury, burn injury, bone fractures, paralysis, amputation, back injury, and neck injury. Each one of these injuries requires specialized treatment efforts and may require long-term care.

The Requirement of Proving Causation of Your Injuries - What is Legal Cause?

In Pennsylvania in order to recover monetary damages in a personal injury lawsuit the injured plaintiff must prove the legal element of causation to the trier of fact. This is known as "legal cause" and means that the defendant's conduct must have produced the harm or injury for which money is claimed. The Pennsylvania suggested Civil Jury Instructions now ask the jury to determine whether the wrongful or negligent conduct of the defendant was a "factual cause" of the harm.

What Can You Recover as Damages in Your Serious Injury Lawsuit?

Victims of serious personal injury may be entitled to recover a number of types of damages from the defendant and his insurance carrier. Your attorney will thoroughly evaluate the details of your claim and recommend you pursue compensation based on the extent of your injuries, permanency, and the degree of wrongdoing exhibited.

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