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Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home injuries result when the Federal and other standards of care are not followed. Despite regular State inspections of facilities including over 150 points of evaluation, abuse and neglect is allowed to continue. Nursing home abuse is a reality that many families are not prepared to face. A great majority of neglect cases go unreported because victims are motivated to keep it a secret due to fear, or family members ignore the warning signs. Nursing home neglect can take many forms, from physical, verbal or emotional abuse to negligent medical and daily living care. Whether a resident was injured due to an intentional action, or after an employee failed to perform his or her duties, nursing home litigation laws are in place to protect residents and provide compensation. Protecting our elderly citizens is a cause that requires collaboration between family members, lawmakers, advocacy groups, and nursing home attorneys. If you want to learn more about nursing home neglect, or suspect a loved one is being mistreated, contact the nursing home abuse lawyers from the Perlberger Law Associates, P.C. as soon as possible.

A Wide Array of Potential Nursing Home Injuries - What to Be Conscious About

Nursing home injuries can take many forms. In this section, we present a thorough list of ways that elderly victims can be abused or neglected. Whether the injury occurs because a nursing home employee exhibited blatant abuse, or failed to provide necessary care, nursing home injuries should not be taken lightly. If a loved one is suffering from any of the conditions or illnesses below, look into the facility's methods of operation and demand answers for your family. For guidance and investigation assistance, contact a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer. You have a right to know what happened.

The Elements of Nursing Home Abuse - When You Can Sue for Improper Care

Perlberger Law Associates, P.C. has achieved recent 6 figure settlements for Nursing Home Neglect. Just what characteristics are needed to show that a nursing home or its employees are guilty of neglect, causing harm to an elderly resident? Neglect can take many forms and can be difficult to pin down.

Basic Dignity and Freedom from Abuse - Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident

Nursing home resident's rights are guaranteed by Federal law, and violators of the inherent rights of elderly persons are subject to prosecution and punishment. The Nursing Home Reform Act aims to protect residents of elder care facilities and ensure the fair and humane treatment of our senior loved ones. Provisions include measures designed to protect residents' physical, mental and psychosocial well-being, and ensure quality of care. Nursing home residents deserve dignity, and any treatment devoid of decency should be investigated and disciplined carefully.

The Tough Job of Proving Damages in Cases Involving the Elderly

What is your case worth? A claim of abuse or neglect against a loved one is does not always present a cut and dry case. In fact, these types of personal injury cases are often difficult, time consuming, and require countless hours of investigation and evaluation. In addition to showing that a facility employee is guilty of mistreatment, an attorney must successfully show how the mistreatment caused identifiable injuries. A strong case depends on the uncovering of substantial evidence. Once the link between abuse or neglect and injury is made, it is necessary to address the issue of money damages. Your attorney must overcome the age bias that the elderly in Nursing Homes are already seriously ill and would not live long even without injury.

What if Anything Have Our Law Makers Done to Protect Older Persons?

Our seniors have the right to be free from abuse and neglect, to exist in a safe environment, and to receive fair and equal treatment.

Our elderly population has special needs in the community, and they demand respect and equal rights. However, the elderly are continuously discriminated against, mistreated, and taken advantage of due to their unique limitations and sometimes vulnerable positions. Since the true need for statutory protection of older persons was brought to light in the early 1980s, several laws have been enacted to provide extra care and protection to older men and women in nursing homes and other elder care facilities. Each state carries laws that address nursing home abuse and neglect and sets forth measures to discipline those who ignore these laws. Certain state laws carry strict nursing home safety regulations, protocol for reporting and identifying abuse, and civil and criminal action remedies for victims of abuse. Victims who file a complaint or accusation against a facility are afforded basic rights and may be entitled to medical assistance, counseling, relocation assistance and other governmental services.

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Find out if your loved one is really in danger. Discuss your loved one's facility and unique situation with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Contact the Perlberger Law Associates, P.C. today for a personal consultation.
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